Face your own B.S with unconditional love

Trust yourself more by building it day by day.

The voices (unless they are stemmed in love) are irrelevant.

Feel their ouch without resisting, allow them to communicate with you where you are, pause and allow your higher self to guide you towards the right task at hand.

You want to feel a little lighter than right now. How can you facilitate that right now?

Connect to your breath, scan body slowly…bring the moment to a halt! Look around intuitvely…what can you appreciate right now?

Ask yourself, “what am I benefiting from at this moment?”

How can you allow more of these kinda narratives in your mind? “this is okay for now, I’m gonna enjoy now because it’s not coming back because now I’m becoming this person“?

…allow your humanness to experience all separation…its truth communicated from the perspective of your human perspective, don’t make it wrong…allow your divinity to guide you in moments you’re not so sure but you know this has to get done one way or the other.

Even if you were to lose it all, you can build it back up in a heartbeat because it’s living and breathing within you. You are it…so bring it on!!!

Private message me to book a 30 min complimentary “Soul Awareness Session” to awaken to your Soul.

Don’t be a scaredy cat!


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Devote yourself to the work

It’s a path that’ll take a lifetime of effort and dance

If you’re not asking yourself the right questions you will bury yourself deep in the chaos.

You’re already free in your mind, you place yourself in a cage, a prison because you believe in those limitations more than you believe in yourself.

When you notice a pattern and the only constant is you…what needs to change? It’s simple, you’re overcomplicating it with overthinking and closing yourself off from life.

It is boring because you’re closing yourself from many possibilities. You don’t know everything…you never will until you’re one with source.

It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to be in the unknown scared, lonely and without a clue where your life is heading.

It’s ok.

You’re ok.

You’re exactly where you need to be.

You’re here right now in this moment with people to attest to the love that resides within you, the peace, the joy, the abundance, the fulfillment…the answers are within. You just need to awaken to your Soul’s truths.

But first, let’s be human.

You do have shadows and that’s ok

If you’re needing support please join other soul babes and I on The Journey Back To The Heart.

Three days of connection with truth.

Unlock Unconditional Love for Self

Activate presence

Shift perspective: being ok with fear, not knowing, living in the unknown.

Mar 1-3 2023

6am ~7:15am

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The covenant of the butterfly


“Transmutation, transformation, manifestation, revelation–these and many more words are born of a sincere desire to describe the initiations that follow each person as they naturally develop. These many states of being, that are likewise states that describe moving into full consciousness within the self, can be likened to phases of growth witnesses in the butterfly in nature” The Legacy of Leslie Goldman

This the cycle of outgrowing the small you. It is knowing what you do want, and doing whatever it takes to transform yourself in alignment with the version of you who has it. Once the new you manifests in your embodiment: how the New You feels in your body,

Close your eyes and sense the possibilities open to this version of you that has all that she wants. What does she buy, how often? Remove all the possible blocks reflecting back to you the programming that is holding you back…allow your awareness to report to you the information you need to overcome. Don’t judge…trust your consciousness will lead you towards the right path, your soul holds scrolls of truth…this is why you need to be housed in your body and not your mind.

The truth will always be revealed to you now or later…so trust and enjoy your life with such reverence…if other people’s opinions still hold life and happiness from you, you’re wasting unnecessary time and energy you could he using somewhere else.

Let’s really dig deep into why you are still putting other people on a pedestal here. You think less of yourself, you can’t see yourself winning ever and the few times you do, you believe you have to suffer to feel worthy to receive it.

What are you saying to yourself right now about the things you want out of life?

“everything is working out for me”

“why hasn’t it arrived yet?”

“I’m worried…”

Although in that moment these spiralling thoughts are your truth, this is what you’re truly feeling…allow them 2 pass through…when you hold onto them they drag you down with ya. Just bring detached awareness that doesn’t care…but only aims to keep the direction flowing to lighter nomatter what!

Trusting your unique flow is like a prayer. Word by word, motion by motion you’re intently directing your energy towards the vision of what you’re calling in. It is knowing that you’ve already arrived…there’s nothing to prove, nowhere else to be but here right now. Breath by Breath…moment to moment you allow your soul to lead you to the next.

To Ground Yourself:

🌸tap into your 5 senses and start listing 3 things from each you’re experiencing right now.

🌸connect with your breath…slow it down/elongate it…bring more intention into it.

🌸feel the bottom of your soles, connect with nature in your birthday suit…or just go barefoot and let mother earth to carry your load for you

🌸active listening

🌸focus on one thing for a longer period of time than usual

🌸meditate, stare at candle/fire/ocean etc.

🌸cry, release



Fly, fly butterfly 🦋


You are emotionally unavailable

Yes, you’re emotionally not available for yourself.

How’s that?

When was the last time you actually felt everything and were at one with all the uncomfortable emotions coming through…(without reaching for your numbing tool)? How can you expect yourself to experience fulfilling relationships when you’re operating from your mind and not your heart?

When you are not available for the little girl inside it translates to…”my emotions don’t matter”…”your emotions don’t matter”…and just like that you normalize bypassing your true reality, what you’re really feeling. You find being vulnerable as a weakness…yet you crave the privileges of being soft, feminine, magnetic and alluring? How can you be all that without any authenticity? Without being one with what is?

Integrity with self. Acknowledge everything that you feel…drop into your heart and learn it’s song.

If you’ve numbed your way out of suffering, out of feeling anymore and you’re feeling detached, removed from society…it’s time to take some serious look into what you’re running from. The longer you numb, the closer your 6 feet pit gets.

Choose life.

Choose truth.

Choose you.

Suppress it…it will explode.

Allow it…it will flow out eventually.

Learn to work with your emotions…how?

Ask your soul! You have all the answers if you just stop getting distracted by the outside world…and prioritize being here with yourself.



You’re enough

The 7th Heaven