You need to change inside for life to reflect it back to you

When you worry about what others think of you, you give them power over your life

You fit into their script of what you should be doing, you live for them and not for you

Remove them from the pedestal you are constantly putting them on

Disengage from the assumptions you’re placing on them

Disengage from the stories you’re telling yourself through them in your mind’s eye!

Use that energy to create your desired outcome instead.

It feels easy to create stories you don’t want when you’ve planted roots in a narrative that continuously disempowers. It feels powerful when you expand your consciousness to receive the life you’ve been separating yourself from over and over again because of the stories you’ve been entertaining in your head.

Consistently reach out to activities, thoughts, assumptions that activate your bliss state, your most joyful, happy, fulfilled, aligned, in love with life version of you. This is you when you feel at one with whatever is.

When you notice resistance, you acknowledge and accept it without judgement.

You’re in constant flow with what is.

Detached from outcome.

Detached from the past.

Just gratitude and acceptance of the moment right here before you shift energetically into the next room, leveled up frequency, upgraded embodiment of you, better, brighter, clearer!

This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with intention and consistent work within.

Challenging the you from yesterday and making room for higher you from tomorrow.   to always choose joy as the normal state of being…to guard my energy and allow

Being in control of your energy and time in the mental realm and in the physical realm so you stay aware and away from misaligned energies that could keep you astray.

This whole journey is about being centered from within. That way your presence can positively influence your surroundings. t…2 stand in the unknown, baring all because you’ve finally remembered who you are and you’re

To be courageous in each step you take towards the unknown, but constantly engaging with your heart to lead the way.

To stay open to the wildest possibilities that could lift you back up. STOP HOLDING ONTO THIS CURRENT VERSION OF YOU, SHE HAS FINISHED HER JOB. IT IS TIME TO STEP UPGRADE YOUR ENERGETIC SOFTWARE…new thoughts, new assumptions, new way of looking at life, new prioritizes.

Change is inevitable, why can’t it be on your own terms?

Join me,

If you need guidance on how you can walk back to lighter perspectives, especially if you’re feeling inner turmoil, depression (but you want to try something outside of the normal therapist model), resistance, dark and dense thoughts…let’s talk.

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Sri Venus


You can break all the rules and still win

Stop putting yourself in a cage

Stop listing the reasons why you’re not winning, why it’s not gonna work, why you’re a loser in your mind. Start listing reasons genuine reasons why you think you’re the truth!

Watch how you do things. How you walk, how you speak. Yes conceited…so what?! If you’re not gonna do it, who’s gonna do it for you?

You’re you for a reason. Use it to your advantage. Your uniqueness is your currency!

What is this journaling challenge I’ve been trying to make you sign up for?

Well, Journal Back 2 the Soul is about finding your way back into your inner sanctuary…your throne.

Once you decide to join you will receive a total of 11X11 Soul awakening prompts (in the form of 11 mini-workbooks). They will help you alchemize your current story to that of love, well-being, prosperity, abundance and beauty 😍 It is all within you, but you can’t notice it if you’re still concentrating on the noise…the echoes of the past and the whispers of your demons.

This challenge is for you if:

🌸 You are dealing with a consistent inner critic, self doubt and dark thoughts that spiral your state of being downwards

🌸You have a traumatic past that is preventing you from moving on

🌸You live more in your mind than in your body

🌸You are experiencing inner turmoil, chronic sadness, anxious & depressive thoughts

🌸You are seeking a shadow work support network where you can safely express your experiences without any fear of being judged.

🌸 You want to create a life of peace, stillness, joy and self validation

🌸 You want to experience freedom without worrying about resources

This is what the challenge will gift you:

🦋Receive 11 free mini-workbooks that will allow you to awaken 2 your true soul essence.

🦋 11+ video transmissions for each mini-workbook.

🦋Activate your own soul secrets to allow you 2 quantum leap into your new story as soon as “RIGHT NOW”

🦋Create your own support system blueprint for the new version of you are calling in

🦋Implement action plan to clear the chaos, confusion in your life and bring more clarity in your life.

🦋 Bring your life vision into reality. Find out what your soul really came here to experience

🦋 A labored transformative experience for babes who know they want more out of life, are all in but need an extra umph! to get them there!

🦋 Join the Mental Alchemy Academy (Meeting Place)- the first wave of Mental Alchemists: curious, experts, learners & teachers all in one place!!

You will now start receiving notes with further details on this thrilling journey we are about to take.

See you on the other side!

Sri Venus

Psssst! everything you’re willing to patiently work for are always worth the experience gifted from the labor of your efforts and unwavering faith! Get out of your head bb…flow. you know what I mean! Luv ya. Do good


Being mindset self talk shifting the past

healing from abusive trauma, repetitive cycles

why are you beating and talking yourself down like they did to you? You believe them?

You really see yourself through the lens of hate and inadequacy?

Why would you put another’s opinions about your life on a pedestal? Why would you give a flying care what they think of you?

You’re the one who’s opinions you should care about. This gifts you freedom and the not needing anyone’s validation. You stand alone in that you are secure from within. Everything else is simply details. You can co-create, you can dance with other souls along the way…you will lead and then they will lead…a flow of give and take.

How can you know your emotional boundaries? What is bothering you?

Be honest with what is coming up.

You don’t need to share everything. You don’t need to be friends or besties to get along. You don’t need to hang with everybody cool and coming up. Ground yourself in having nothing as well as having it all. Because everything outside of you can be taken from you but what’s within can never be scrapped. This is why it is very important to keep leaning towards your inner peace, your sanctuary. Nothing outside of you is ever gonna gift you the relief you are looking for. If you notice you’re recycling habits that are not serving you anymore, your will to change will unlock your new life. You just need to be ALL IN! You are the key to this whole chaos in your life. Once you turn the key, all that chaos will alchemize to creative solutions. Allow for them to come into your life. Prepare, be open.

Find out who you really are, here.

“Life is truly kind to me, I am so grateful!”

anytime you experience a negative, fearful thought…remind yourself each moment. These intimate moments will add up to allow your soul to start being safe in your body and unlocking your blueprint holding all your creative flair!

Journaling helped me put on paper what I was battling with in my mind. It gifted me relief! It allowed to be slow down so I could see clearly without judgement how and why I was showing up the way I was. The secret to completely healing and letting go of the past is to not judge yourself and to extend compassion to yourself. You don’t forgive to make the other person feel better, we do it to allow us the choice to move on…to not let this steal our peace anymore. You are the magic, so start writing away.

Sign up for the Journal Back 2 Yourself 11 Day Challenge. Only for babes who are ready to meet themselves, if not, I am sorry you’re missing out on some magic. When you don’t know yourself, you are asset less. Know who you are. Play the long game always. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you become more intentional with how you “attack” in life. You leverage your connections’ strengths to make up for your lack, and extend the grace to others.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Apply for the 11 Day Challenge to Journal Back to your Soul by clicking the Button Below!

See you on the other side!