Goddess Embodiment Activation

Being one with God, the point where you end being you and I end being me…where our souls combine to create a blanket of what is…to be so equally yoked in the moment and breathing the next inhale if it’s your last. To come alive in this moment and the next by choosing to lean into what is a little bit more and if you don’t like it…move along to another slice where you’re ignited and happy and fulfilled.

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If you’re currently experiencing shame and guilt around your sexuality, this is especially for you.

Your lack of self trust is heightened because of the chaos within your psyche. This is your opportunity to transcend thought and go collect on top of your head and view your current circumstances from there.

Start giving thanks for all past versions of yourself especially the one you resist a lot. All parts within you have to come back home. Piece each part within you that’s resisting the other by accepting the conflict within and finding beauty in it.

When you overthink you’re spending your life force on low quality things, you will feel empowered when you take one more step towards your desired reality.

Your act of faith will be expansion you need for your leveled up embodiment.

Survival Mode Neutralizer Challenge is starting 4:44pm PST on April 4th.

Let me guide you back to find your inner security.

Click link to RSVP goddess!

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what rules keeping putting in a box?

What assumptions about your own success do you currently hold? What needs to get done for you to achieve your goals? How are you holding yourself back in your mind?

Ofcourse, we need to show up in the 3D to move so we get our desired outcome but we create more resistance when we create unnecessary pressure in our mind.

To figure it all right now.

To always be in alignment now.

To always know what to do right now.

What is the story you are believing?

Are you assuming that people are not buying your items? Are you imagining the worst possible outcome? How are you closed off to you receiving what you’re calling in?

If there’s nothing you can do right now about your current situation, what can you do with what you have? Be grateful for what you currently have? Level up yourself self care ritual? Level up your high vibe systems* e.g jogging, dancing, nature activities, watch funny shows, slow down, read a book, paint etc. *what gets you out of a funk?

When you take full responsibility for how you’re showing up energetically in the now, you will give yourself the power to shift to the identity you’re calling in…because it’s all you. You’re imagining yourself in this current storyline. The fact that you assume it is hard is the reason why you’re experiencing hard. What conversations are you entertaining in your mind? Are they making life easier for you or are they making your life harder than it should be?

“This needs to happen for A to happen”

“Hmm, I would like to experience this so I am going to do this to show my keen interest in it”

“I know the past, being any moment before now, reflected what I did not want…which is… I am not selling anything BUT from this moment on, I desire to call in the opposite this is why I am using my imagination to increase my receiving container and familiarize myself with how it would feel if it were true right now”

“I am constantly preparing myself for the new me I am calling in”

“This feels different, a little scary and uncomfortable but it’s the small price I am willing to pay for the BIG changes I am calling in. It’s all worth it and I am all in for my dream life”

Just by reading or hearing these different phrases you can already feel how differently you experience them in your body. Every time you experience an undesired outcome, keep scrapping things out of the story that don’t align…keep the story flowing towards what you do want.

Keep rowing the boat through the path of least resistance towards your desired outcome, no matter how long it takes. The more stubborn you are, the more reality has no choice but to bow down. Remember who you are goddess, we didn’t come here to think small…think BIG BB!

See you on the other side!