The benefits of shadow work

Once you face all your demons and darkness within that was causing you to run away from yourself…from your home, once you tame them through Mental Alchemy you will feel free to dominate your mental realm however you please. Soon you will notice all those demons gathering together to be of service to your pleasure.

How could that internal work manifest externally?

🌸 Creating better boundaries

🌸 Authentic expression without worrying about how it looks

🌸Thinking, worrying less about what they’re saying about you and more about how you can evolve into a better human being

🌸 Noticing when people are wearing masks/running from themselves. (Discernment)

🌸 Upgraded quality of relationships/people that effortlessly gravitate towards you (or you start noticing the people who were already around you had missed)

🌸 You naturally start #levelingup your value system because you know all your darkness and you finally understand your soul will cause more turmoil if you don’t. So evolving becomes a lifestyle. Talk about a spiritual icon!

🌸 You take more chances & leaps towards your happiness and fulfillment even if sometimes messy.

🌸You remove people off pedestals so you can see them for who they actually are and not what your inferiority, lack of self belief, disconnection from self, and more is projecting to you. You naturally respect those who align with your core value systems consciously and unconsciously

And more…

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Find the pleasure in your pain.

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Active surrendering

Just Being






Allowing all

In the present


Still in this moment and the next


Letting go over and over again

Without anywhere else to be

Just curious,


I am


Notice the difference in your body?


You’re narrating your story right now

What are you saying to yourself?

What are you imagining other people are saying about you?

What are you expecting about this next moment?

What are you fearing?

What are you assuming?

What are you believing?

What are you being?

What are you allowing in?

At the end of each question is the portal that will lead you back to your I AM.

You are being someone right now right here…you are listening to a story you’re creating in your head.

You are reliving your worst fears because you keep telling them to yourself over and over again. It’s like you’re reading a scary story to your inner child and expecting her to feel good about it. Ofcourse she feels constricted, she feels disconnected from love because you’re harboring fear and density in her home.

How do you stop this?

Stop identifying with density.

Create space between your consciousness and your thoughts. Allow them to trickle in with no judgment.

See it as a thing of the past…a bad dream you finally woke up from.

Invite in light.

Allow life to love you, EXPECT life to love you.

Continuously in this moment over and over again identity with lighter.

Lighter thoughts, lighter memories, lighter perspectives, lighter self identity.

Tap in, this is how you can do it:

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Notice where you’re attaching yourself to

Objects you keep looking for

Unconscious habits you do that don’t add value to your life

Stories…different versions

Being. Not Doer.

Effortless labor

Persistently focused and fulfilled

Be fearlessly without

It’s go time baby!

Let’s journal

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