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come back home to your spirit in just 5 mins

Accept what is being shown without any resistance

Face the truth without the need to hold onto the parts that are yelling at you

Just watch it float away like a cloud, or like water running off on your body

No attachment but surrender to the moment

Connect with your breath to anchor you into the present moment

While being aware with how you’re connecting to your inner world,

When you have clarified your reason and aim

Nothing can stand in your way

Completely letting go means forgiving and shifting fully to focus on the shift.

Unbecoming & Becoming at the same time in real time

You’re timeless, as long as you stay in the present moment.

Spirit Activation

Face it all in it’s entirety (fearlessly free yourself or not from): shame,insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, powerlessness, defeat, lack, jealousy, hatred, revenge, ickiness,density, shadow body, constant worry, doubting a lot, disappointment, constant L’s, frustrations, running around in circles, boredom, settling for a pessimistic life…the void, emptiness, the unknown, the worst, the best, the gap…all of it in this moment.


Now as you breathe out let it go with everything that triggered you.
Come back to this moment
And listen to your heart’s codes
Without judgement
But patience


👂Connect to your ears, what do you hear? 👂How many different sounds?

👁️ Can you create a story around that? 👁️

🥩Connect to the bottom of your feet and all over your skin…wherever it makes contact outside of yourself🦶

👃🏿👃🏾👃Breathe it all out and back in, drawing full circles with your air…playing with nothingness (air). ☝️☝🏿 No quickies and halfsies.☝🏿 (Always come back to Full breathe no matter what) Choose to live fully 👃👃🏾👃🏿

Feel your tongue as it rests inside you 👅

Welcome back to your body.


Hi I’m Sri Venus, I’m your guide on

🌸 The Journey Back To Your Heart 🌼

A 3 Day Free Workshop:

Mar 1-3
6am pst~7:15am

We will do things like this and more.
You are enough for what you’re calling in,
Just the way you are,

Shadows are to be danced with and integrated with your light.

A full day is not complete with no night or light. They all play a part.

So come as you are.

🌼Apply here 🌸



The reason you’re miserable is because you’re not grateful for what you already have. always have what you need to get to what you want…it is all about being honest. How are you showing up internally?

Accept yourself…love yourself… so you can be able to give from the heart.

Fall in love with both your darkness and light…balance them within you…find tools to alchemize them to love…

When you do, be, act from love…you’ll find the light you’re looking for.

Stay open to life

Always expect the best nomatter what…assume life is taking care of you…this requires deep trust and commitment to your heart. Get to know yourself…date yourself…set a day or two or three to spend time with yourself and be present with you…honestly it’s an everyday labor of love. How can you know how 2 love others if you don’t love yourself? I know you’ll have moments you’ll cringe, fear and regret about your past, but choose 2 love, apologize, forgive and be grateful for this old version of you. See it as a gift, wisdom on helping you gain clarity on what 2 change, evolve, reflect on do & be better!

It’s noone else’s job…it’s yours. 🦋

“Life is kind 2 me”

“I am so grateful for my gifts!”

“I expect the best outcome!”

“All my desires are already mine…my act of labor shows faith & prepares me for what’s 2 come.

Always show up and be completely honest with how you’re showing up. Make it a habit 2 reflect on the day…enjoy the run always xo

There’s never been, will only be NOW, will never be another me in this path line…why would I hold myself back from creating love every step of the way. We are all beautiful …and our uniqueness is what glues us together. If you don’t appreciate your own uniqueness how can you expect others 2 see value in you if you’re just copying others version of being? Be you…sell it by your not caring for what others think or say…So What? 

Enjoy your life for you!


Who you think you are is not really who you are…

We’ve been told by the stars, astrologers, books, experts how we act, how other people perceive us, our projectile in life because “I’m a Scorpio!” hihi

Why do you need someone outside of yourself to tell you who you are? Why do you need to depend on what society, your community thinks of to? Why can’t you just be enough just as you are. Sexy just as you are. Beautiful just as you are! Worthy just as you are!! Successful just as you are!! It doesn’t have to look the way you’ve been told it needs to look. Imagine each different little flower was told, ” you gotta be as beautiful as cactus here because her pines are in right now…plump up, don’t let your body release any water. You might die!” Hmmm!

You are your own kind of beauty, own kind of pretty, own kind of soul, own kind of precious, own kind of love…there’s only one you!

Inserts The Renaissance theme song.

Focus on just being the best kinda you that will only live during this existence in flesh and after you decide how long your own legacy will echo through times, to set an example through embodied actions and devotion to your life mission. You know who you are, wake up! You know, that’s why you’re aware you’re capable of so much more!

There’s no need to seek validation from others when you know yourself. You don’t need to be conveyed or manipulated. People are who they are, that’s the beauty of it. Not everyone will have the privilege of being your friend, your sweet love, your mother, father, sister, brother…it’s a path only the chosen ones get to go on. Continue to paint a beautiful picture, keep expanding the vision…it is uncomfortable but what do you have to lose?

You know time is your greatest asset, so what are you waiting for? Tik tok tik tok

If you haven’t already, sign up here to join the cool club of Mental Alchemists, timeline hopping, mystics, transurfers…creating their best lives ever!

If you’re ready to challenge your current version to evolve into the next version upgrade…this might be for you. 11 days of digging deep into what is…into shedding off old stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long we forgot they too were just borrowed and we can unborrow them when we don’t have any more use of them.

Journaling was really cathartic for me during my dark knight of the soul, it was the worst experience I have ever been through. I felt like I was being squeezed out! Everything was dark. Food was bleh! Life was going downhill. I didn’t feel loved. I felt like a failure…so insecure, so numb and carrying a lot of baggage…anger from my childhood which was fostering all these years underneath. My only way out was putting it all in my journal, bearing everything out so I didn’t feel like I was alone, going crazy. I knew what I had seen, I knew what I had experienced. I wasn’t crazy

But I had to see it on paper for me to finally feel free. To see that they are just words, that’s it. They only hold if I let them hold. I’m the creator, the destroyer…the alpha and the Omega. This life force resides within me…in you. We are all connected through breath…open your heart, and listen to your soul.

Join me!

How do I know if this is for me, you ask?

What will the experience gift me?

Learn to be comfortable with both your darkness and your light…your weakness and strengths. They are all a part of you. So dance.


We like to seem to others like we’ve got it all together, when we know we don’t…drop the mask!

We all have shadows…whether we like to share or know it. When we turn outside of ourselves and judge others for living a different life, you naturally pull away from them and pull them down because they should want what you want, right? How controlling.

There’s nothing wrong with your shadow as long as you balance yourself within… otherwise this will manifest outwardly and if untamed this could lead you 2 places you rather not go or think about. That’s why meditation, breathework, nature work, shadow work, high vibes lifestyle to stay aligned and focused on what’s most important.

I’m sure you have atleast one habit you’re battling with right now …or you feel bad for having it…maybe because you have finally come to your own strong conclusions about it, but maybe because you were taught that was the only truth, you were shamed because that’s the way women are, the internet put your life in a square, when you know life should feel expansive and not contained…fly fly little birdie. Go live your life on your own terms. Be happy…live like you’ve got a couple seconds more left to breathe. Because who knows which second that will finally be true. 🌸

Anywho, listen to this Episode of The 7th Heaven Experience with three surprise guests! We talk about porn, finding the person who is right for you, cherishing yourself to attract the love you want and more…

See you on the other side!

Finding Joy

Why Am I Not Happy?

When you remove the seriousness from life

You approach it with detachment

And you’re more likely to enjoy your cycle on life

You realize that everyone is living in their own world

Notice how you live in yours

Now imagine the rest (7B+ realities)

Not taking anything personally frees you from needless suffering

Accepting that everyone has a story, internal battle and not everyone is devoted to their ascension and their life’s purpose the way you are

You are you for a reason

So be the best you possible by continuously pouring into your cup, spending time with yourself (not in the mind but from the heart…huge difference). You can’t hide from your own truth forever. The more you run, the harder the blow will be.

Just surrender

Enjoy the flow

Know all your heart’s desires are yours anyway