You know the way out!

You KNOW the way to getting what you desire
But you won’t act on it and actualize it if you continue listening to small you mind chatter.

Your mind’s theatrics will never stop

Have you noticed the crazy stories you create and entertain up there? 😂 Like y do we do this?
Busy wasting energy you could be using to create something beautiful 💕

Forgive yourself over and over again
This is you experiencing your humanness

Train your being in each moment to use the energy it would use to create unnecessary storylines to empower, uplift your current embodiment of your soul.

Does it align with where your higher self is nudging you towards?

Keep coming back
Break the habit of carrying your baggage, the parts you don’t like and your past.

Carry the moment you’re experiencing right now instead in its fullness

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Tighten your energy spending budget

Budget time!

Which experiences are you currently buying and cluttering your mental space with?

Is it fear of not doing enough, making enough money, consistently struggling, unhappiness, unfulfillment, lacking consistently….or fear of death it self? There’s nothing wrong with being where you are right now. Notice where you’re collecting resistance…what assumptions you’re making about the resistance…without judgement.

How can you start opening yourself up to more expansive, light experiences in the present moment continuously? Listen to this transmission.

I voice on why authenticity plays a huge role in alchemizing your current reality. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t acknowledge the starting point. Everything you need to expand is right here with you.

Detach for a little bit

and just watch

This is how you meet your present self with grace

Gain clarity on what you’re wanting to experience and gain momentum on creating what’s of great importance to you here right now!

See you on the other side!


We like to seem to others like we’ve got it all together, when we know we don’t…drop the mask!

We all have shadows…whether we like to share or know it. When we turn outside of ourselves and judge others for living a different life, you naturally pull away from them and pull them down because they should want what you want, right? How controlling.

There’s nothing wrong with your shadow as long as you balance yourself within… otherwise this will manifest outwardly and if untamed this could lead you 2 places you rather not go or think about. That’s why meditation, breathework, nature work, shadow work, high vibes lifestyle to stay aligned and focused on what’s most important.

I’m sure you have atleast one habit you’re battling with right now …or you feel bad for having it…maybe because you have finally come to your own strong conclusions about it, but maybe because you were taught that was the only truth, you were shamed because that’s the way women are, the internet put your life in a square, when you know life should feel expansive and not contained…fly fly little birdie. Go live your life on your own terms. Be happy…live like you’ve got a couple seconds more left to breathe. Because who knows which second that will finally be true. 🌸

Anywho, listen to this Episode of The 7th Heaven Experience with three surprise guests! We talk about porn, finding the person who is right for you, cherishing yourself to attract the love you want and more…

See you on the other side!


speak from the heart

speaking from the heart means to be fully present and accept both communicator and listener as they come. It is about authentically presenting your truth regardless of what your fears say others will think and do. It is the truth, your truth and your voice matters. We all see and feel the truth…so listen as I unplug my heart…my love, my truth.

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