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I am living my dream in real time

With each thought

With each assumption

With each perspective

With each embodiment

With each narrative

With each mental picture

With each past revisited

With each future forecasted

I am creating,

I am intending,

I am expecting,

I am receiving,

I am giving,

My Energy is always flowing towards something.

I am always painting something in my psyche

This is who we are

But are you using it to empower, uplift and awaken yourself to your soul’s truth or are you misusing your energy?

You always have 2 choices when a problem surfaces:

You can either be a victim to your circumstances or you can choose to be an observer nonchalantly passing by and reminding yourself of your power in this situation…your focus, your self talk, your perspective, your mindset.

There is always a winner. Is it going to be your heart or your mind? You decide!!

If you are currently experiencing survival mode or have a history of feeling powerlessness,fear, grief, depression,heaviness in heart, despair, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, and jealousy… the following words are for you.

Your mind is constantly criticizing, bullying, downgrading,disempowering you because you believe the mind more than the heart.

You can’t resist the truth of what is showing up right now, you can only face it and choose something else instead.

For the resistant, triggering, lower parts of us we can only be grateful for them for showing us our weaknesses and gifting us something to look forward to healing and integrating back us whole.

It’s all about your mindset and perspective about where you currently are. That’s the key to unlock your peace.

You are the captain, come on wake up Soul Babe! Let’s get to work! The world is waiting for your light.

JOURNAL BACK TO YOUR HEART is for you if you’re feeling like your past memories, disempowering, humiliating projections of how others perceive you, downgrading images of you are preventing you from walking forward to a better, lighter aspect of you.

You want to let go of the shame, you want to love yourself regardless of what is coming up. You want to feel whole in your psyche again, this is my gift to you 💚

A 3 Day Masterclass, 1 hr each day of laughing, meditation, reflection. Come in and let your soul play even in the darkness.

Hold my hand

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Everyday practice being her

That version of you that has everything that is within your heart. The version of you that is living it…what is she doing right now?

What does she see when she looks at herself in the mirror?

How does she walk?

What are people thinking and saying about her?

How does she talk?

How does she speak?

You see glimpses of her here and there? Do you feel her? You will know by the feeling of expansiveness, lightness, relief in your body. Keep expanding on that, every opportunity you get. No need to force when you can do it the effortless way.

So dream your wildest life yet

You’re worthy of good things happening to you too, you’re more than worthy of abundance and prosperity. And most importantly you’re worthy of divine love. So start seeing yourself in the eyes of the divine.

Get used to being adored for just being, existing.

Get used to your work being so appreciated, valued and paid for by so many people.

See yourself also winning along others

If you’re ready to shake off the densities you’re experiencing now e.g feeling: less than your best,
shame, guilt, not in alignment with your desires, resistance & burn out…it’s time to come home to yourself.

The love you’re desiring already resides with you. Others merely reflect the love and acceptance that was already available to you with or without them.

If you’re ready to flip the switch, to change, to start the momentum towards feeling free, expansive, relief and light…this is how you can do it. Click button below to listen .

See you on the other side!


Remove the pressure to be elsewhere

Now is all you need. All the information you need to be in alignment with your heart’s desires, what you came here for is here, now.

But how do you know what to look for and what to do with it? It’s simple:

How does it feel in your body? Does it expand you or does it constrict you?

When you feel stuck in your mental prison, free yourself by choosing a perspective that empowers, uplifts and awakens your soul. Your true identity is bliss…love embodied. You are love embodied.

Your mind LOVES to play tricks on you…it loves to create separation from your desires. So stop identifying with it!

Your desires are already are because they expand your being…they’re your portals to your blissful journey here on Earth. If life is feeling bleh it’s because you’re not living in alignment with your soul’s truth!

Always remember! Your density is only building momentum for you to jump back into your light.

This is how you can bring in more light into your daily life: awareness.

Book here your complimentary 30 min Soul Awareness Session if you need guidance on how to transcend your density…your dark room:


How to face the pain

Surrender to all that is

Accept everything that you’re feeling

Trust this present moment…drop your weight

The anticipation of pain is actually preventing the emotions from flowing through…and the little discomfort you feel is enough to send you running into your hiding hole…

What if I told you that your in-motions are actually on your side? They only flow to move you from what is to that which you desire…but for your denser emotions to be fully alchemized they need to be truly felt and expressed in their full entirety without numbing before flowing out…to cleanse, renew…and in comes in lighter in-motions that bring with it lighter thoughts, lighter perspective, hope.

Face it by cupping and nurturing the little kid within that is feeling uncomfortable. Be there, higher self to your inner child….present, comforting, validating, allowing the in motions to flow freely…allowing them to inspire you to action that uplifts you, awakens you, empowers you.

Forgive yourself over and over again

Forgive that person over and over again

It’s for the sake of your own peace.

Your temple

Your sanctuary

Your happiness

Your bliss

In just 35 minutes I’ll guide you into how you can dance inbetween your dark side and light side. How to expand the little light you feel. How you can shift from striving to live your dream life to thriving in your dream life.


1. alchemize pain to acceptance to compassion
2. shift from the ego to the heart
3. fall in unconditional love with the inner critic
4. release grudges & feel lighter

If you’re ready to stop numbing the discomfort and unlock the wisdom of your Soul. Activate your heart now. You need 35 mins for full process.










Drink lots of water!

See you on the other side!