accept both sides of life
the good and the bad
the moments you’re so proud of and those that you are “ashamed” of
the moments that break your heart and the ones that excite you with so much love
the little ones filled with fear and the bigger ones filled with faith, gratitude and relief!
being authentic allows you to show up just as you are
not faking it
your worth could never be based on “things”
you just are.

no wasted energy on things that are not aligned with your soul
your time is precious
so you might as well use it to build a strong foundation in understanding your own existence
your connection to life
the reason you are here.
be honest with your pretentious sides too.
who are you really fooling?
face your own b.s
feel all those emotions
in 90 seconds that beeesssh would have passed over!
regardless, keep adding your beans to the sac with positive thoughts, understand that this too shall pass.
free yourself!


prioritize rest

start being so intune with your body and emotional bank to see if your basic needs are met.

in this toxic hustle culture, we are focused on going, going, going that we forget to take care of the most important person in this whole equation: you!
sleep is one of the most important thing, along what we consume physically and subconsciously, it is very medicinal and it’s a portal to your subconscious mind and if you are even more intune, you get to experience higher dimensions of existence, which manifests differently based on personal experiences.

try to cut off eating and alcohol a couple of hours before heading to bed.
move a little bit before you jump in. stretch.
drink some more water.
slow down. set the ambiance to create a relaxing atmosphere.
maybe play some white sound.
make some tea. unplug
reflect on your last 6 hours…what could you have possibly done better?
What are you most grateful for right now?
What brought a smile to your face today?
What do you hope tomorrow will bring? Stay there for a while…
meditate for a bit, and just be.
be content to just be here
right now
forever more…


Accept change.

sometimes change is scary
we want some kind of security blanket to hold us together through the passage of time
but deep down we know that change is inevitable
downs and ups
but as long as we stay grateful for what we already have been blessed with anyway,
we already have what we need in every moment.
life becomes easier when you learn to detach from fear and live fearlessly and fully!
spend some time alone and really dig deep in your soul and get to know yourself
who are you?
why are you here?
what does the world really need right now?
how can you provide this?
what kind of lifestyle do you want? (regardless of what others might think/say)
how much would you need to earn a year, have in your savings/investment account and in your retirement fund to support this lifestyle?
always remember, your time is very expensive. the world will meet you at your level of preparation for when the moment comes. what are you doing right now, to show up and act in faith that you’re aligned with all your desires? experience is the best calculator, so start now!


The 4 Bases Of Power





What are your intentions? What is your purpose?

Ok then, what effort are you putting in on a daily basis to align with your intention?

Where are you storing your energy? Who are you conscious of being? Who are you right now?

Are you controlled by the mind’s tricks…are you stuck in the past…are your problems bigger than you? Are you hypnotized by how your life looks like right now?

Be honest with yourself.

Liberate yourself.

You are more powerful than you think…just don’t listen to that limiting voice. It knows your weaknesses and uses them against you. Think of it like an evil twin that uses all those low vibrational emotions to bring you down to its level. Don’t let it. Become best friends with it instead and try to understand where it is coming from.

Why does it want you to stay stuck in the old story? What does it have to lose? What is this version of you so scared of? Once you are aware of and face your fears…everytime your lower self tries to bring them against you…watch them but don’t engage emotion towards them. Merely watch them the way you would watch a car pass by or a tree shake…nonchalantly.

You are the operant power in this B! So no, your mind is not allowed to pay tricks on you. Laugh at it at times…chuckle if you are not so brave. Throw away that fear of being crazy. We are all a little crazy. My point is, don’t take it so seriously.

It’s you. It’s all you. So, focus that energy back into the present moment by grounding yourself…and letting go of all those things that don’t align or make you feel good.

That’s all.

Have a good one!


The Present Moment

To be fully present you have to sacrifice the past and the future and fully trust in the unfolding of it all….

Memories, fears, stories that triggered you earlier in the day, the past…that one story that haunts you all the time, all these bring mental images that pull our awareness away from the present moment

It is quite simple yet an untamed mind could run you mad. You are the operant power. You are the boss in this MF. Don’t let Bobbiana bully you and steal your day from you. Cuss her out once in a while…and tell that bish to get out!!!

Just finding happiness in being fully aware of you being in the now…how the wind feels against your skin…the ladies laughing in the background meshing together with the dog barking…along with the passing cars. Maybe a couple kids will pass by infront of you and catch your curiosity before you will feel an itch fully manifest on your lower left back.

Underneath all that noise you will probably hear your own breath because you’re that present….

Bobby, definitely in the beginning of retraining yourself to stay fully present, will try once in a while to fight you on this one…but that’s ok. Keep reeling your awareness back to your body and breath. If you have been used to staying in your head a lot, you might need to be more vigilant with training your awareness to stay put and allow the negative thoughts to just pass through without any (emotional) attachment.

Depending on how much healing work you’ve done to let go of your trauma, you might be tempted to escape your reality. If you do choose to escape, atleast be honest with yourself with why you are escaping…and know that even if you do escape now…you will have to overcome this mountain regardless…and it’ll be waiting for you once you come back.

The easiest way to overcome these negative energies is to sit with it…face it with unconditional love. It will be uncomfortable at first but if you watch it a bit longer without fighting it…it’ll subside. Don’t let fear dictate your life.

Always ask yourself…your inner child to be specific, “what do you need darling?”…and listen.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Treat yourself to something sweet and really enjoy the smell and taste in your mouth.

Take a hot shower or soak in a tub and listen to some calming music…with some essential oils diffusing. Listen to how water sounds when it touches down. Feel how your hands feel like against your skin. Worship your body…by being fully present and massaging it with love.

Or maybe watch your favorite funny show while in your pajamas…completely unplug from the world and dial in.

You got this one!


Get Out Of Your Head…I am Begging You

Due to trauma response from your past experiences, you might have trained yourself to live in survival mode. Living in your head is not normal…well…okay, I mean trying to figure out every tiny little detail of how things should unfold is not normal.

Stop stressing and start allowing.

Stop looking for the answers and the manifestation of your desires in your reality. You already have it, so why would you be searching… ?

(that’s a state of lack by the way)

Surrender and be fearless.

Let the magic of the universe surprise you.

You are loved so much. Open yourself up and don’t allow your triggers to close you off from all this abundance invisibly floating around.

P.S: The real you is pure consciousness…the meat suit is just your avatar to help you interact with others.

So tap into the infinite abundance. It’s your birthright!


The Path of Least Resistance

Considering that you already have everything you desire anyway…there’s no need to go upstream.

The journey is about bringing awareness to where you are storing your attention and energy. Taking complete responsibility for how you perceive your reality might be a hard pill to swallow but necessary. By accepting the story you have been entertaining, you can redirect your consciousness towards what you want instead. If you are aware right now that you are a failure…quickly revise that (i.e., forgive yourself for believing this lie) and remind yourself of the truth, which is your success is inevitable.

Your job is to constantly bring yourself back to the truth no matter what your reality suggests. Yes, you want a different job that pays x20 more than your current job and your circumstances suggest that it’s not in the cards in a 100 years…that’s ok…

Do not fight how the reality unfolds…take the path where you feel like you are going down stream…in other words, do what you have to do in your current reality to support the feeling of security and a peace of mind (see it as if you are just acting out the story of how your dream job manifested)

You can’t bring to life what you want if you are not conscious of already having it. Separation from your desires is an illusion, that’s the whole point of the human experience.

We are never lacking…your perception backed by Bobbiana, your limiting beliefs, are projecting that lack…but is it the absolute truth? Of course Not!

Practice self-compassion and do your best to enjoy the journey.

If Bobby becomes too much, don’t forget to stop for a moment and breath really slowly…scan your body and send love in areas that are tense. Allow the emotions to pass through. Relax, and keep showing up as the person who already has what they want. You are who you are.

And how would that person act, think, feel, speak?

I’ll leave that to your imagination!

Wink…smiley face


Taking Wisdom From Trees

Have you noticed how trees look like they are dancing?

They each have a different unique style with their tree branches stretching in different angles. Most trees have been around less than a hundred years, they are mostly older than the oldest living human being…so I believe we can learn a lot from them since they have been inhabiting earth longer than you and I combined.

You can tell that they had to acclimatize to different conditions, be it changing wind direction, humans moving in to build a town as well as changing weather patterns. Each tree had a different way of adjusting to its environment (as you can tell from their own unique characteristics) …but no matter what it never stopped being a tree.

It never stopped being what it was created for.

Just like them, we shouldn’t stop being what our heart desires no matter what your circumstances are saying. Our heart is like our soul’s GPS, it tells us where to go energetically. I know it’s challenging ignoring what is being presented before you but don’t let the outside bully you into victim hood. You are the creator of your reality and until you fully surrender to all your heart’s desires and trust that they will appear before you when it’s time, you will always feel lost, defeated and stressed out.

Yes, we are human and we are built to also feel negative emotions…but do not let them stay and dictate your life, let them pass through.

Cry if you must, release them…just don’t stop living from your heart.

Surrender to your heart…that’s who you really are. You already are that which you wish to be and your lack of belief is the only reason why it hasn’t shown up.

Again, don’t listen to Bobbiana (the negative limiting thoughts).

Feel good and prioritize activities that elevate your state of being.

All is well!




Fear of new territory

Fear of the unknown 

Fear of excelling…and succeeding

(How will my friends & family perceive me?)

Fear of failing 

Fear of inadequacy 

Fear of….

On this journey of catching your dreams and living out your heart’s desires you will be interjected by your mind on countless times with absurd stories that are designed to keep you locked in the old story. 

Your mind will try to play tricks on you and capitalize on your fears to grab your attention and feed on your energy so it can lower your vibration. Don’t let it no matter how hard it tries.

Seriously invest your time in doing grounding activities that will help you get back to your sound mind…or just train yourself to just watch your thoughts…cause you always win…you always come back on top. 

These thoughts were never true, and you know it. Let them flow through the creek and watch them without any attachment. Go find an empty beach if you will and scream out that darkness and let the ocean take care of it.


Go outside 

Break into dance 


Talk to a loved one 



People watch 

Write your feelings 


Just don’t listen to that voice.

It’s the devil. 

It lies a lot!


Decide the life you want and reject everything that doesn’t align

Easier said than done right?

We all know what our heart truly desires, and it keeps us up at night too! I know my goals do. Like,” OMG, I’m nowhere near where I want to be…what have I done with my life…I am wasting my youth…time.” A teacher taught me to name my thoughts Bob, and it kinda stuck. I chose to name mine Bobbiana/Scooby Doo/Shenay nay. But ofcourse sometimes I find myself totally encapsulated by my thoughts I forget that it’s not me.

I feel anxious, afraid and all I want to do is scream because of how overwhelming it feels. Taking up breathework has helped a lot. Wim Hoff and Breathe of Fire are my go to’s at the moment. It helps me use my breath to soothe myself. It’s crazy how powerful just breathing through the nose very sloooooooooooowww is.

Staying present and living inside of your body instead of your head is a good daily exercise. Everytime you catch yourself worrying or thinking about something that you know you can’t control…take a moment to just breath in and out slooooowly and scan your body from toes to your ears…especially your neck and shoulders (that’s where I tense up when I am stressed). Check your posture too! (Bad posture over time will cost ya!) Sometimes you won’t even know that you are in stress mode until you scan your body and realize that you are tense/stiff in some areas. Roll your shoulders back, up, down and front in a circle to hit all those angles.

Dance if you will.

Listen to your favorite music too!


and trust that all this little adventure is just leading you down the right path, there’s just a little more details and lessons along the way that will probably help you where you need to be.

So don’t worry.

It’s already yours!