This is how you neutralize your Survival Mode over and over again

Accept this fact:

Life will always have problems. You will always have problems in the present moment. Your current mindset (habit of thinking) is the indicator whether you can overcome your issues with ease or struggle.

Your duty in this lifetime is to prioritize your emotional, mental & physical well-being.

You are the guardian of your soul.

Sometimes life happens and sometimes our poor choices lead us to feeling bleh of ourselves and experiencing disheartening outcomes where our ego is wounded and as a result we feel unworthy and inferior. This kick starts a spiral of emotions and thought patterns.

Our entire vibration spirals down consistently with our habit of thinking around:

– the worst outcome,

– expecting the worst,

-holding onto problems,

-revisiting the same movie script that is causing unsafety & distortion in our energy

– creating (imagining) an unwanted outcome

-believing in the disempowering story

-being available energetically for dense stories

-the addiction to suffering

-seeing ourselves as victims of life

-feeling inferior

-identifying ourselves through the eyes of lack & limitations instead of identifying an opportunity to expand

-controlling the unfolding of the present moment instead of trusting your desires have already arrived

-stressing out about small details and things out of your control

-hovering in the past or future

Your Perception of your current reality determines whether or not you transcend Survival or not

• • •

How you choose to engage with your reality is an indicator of who you’re choosing to be

If you’re choosing to identify yourself with lack, you will always know and experience lack.

Instead, you can choose to perceive yourself as passing through a constrictive passageway where your soul is being prepared for an expansive projection. However this won’t work if you’re identifying with the room (being completely taken over by what is going wrong in your reality).

Free yourself from unnecessary suffering by remembering where your power lies

Focusing on what you’re doing right and what you do have that is making your life easier right now helps you alleviate the density that you’re feeling.

Accepting the negative emotion and story you have around where you are and what you’re doing will help create the space you need to start creating and imagining a better reality now.

Acceptance is surrendering and bowing out of the mental battle of trying to figure it all out right now.

Solutions come out of a lighter embodiment.

Finding and choosing the lighter path will always set you free.

If you’ve been in the habit of thinking lowly (low vibrationally) you will have to train yourself over a long period of time how to view yourself, what to assume of yourself through you and others, how to talk yourself out of fearful, scary, belittling situations.

Hitting Rock bottom and anticipating things not working out for me always has awakened me to my habit of embodiment. The truth is we are always choosing who we are available to be, over and over again this moment & the next

Your self love is not conditional, even in your worst you still get to choose yourself over and over again despite societal expectations.

Hugging yourself in your most vulnerable situations will remind you that you’ve got your back no matter what. Your perception of you is the only thing that should matter anyway.

Everyone else’s assumptions about your life (which they only get a glimpse of anyway) should be diffused immediately. Your inner talk (even when you project your own internal assumptions about yourself and use others as a mirror for what’s within) will free you from needing to gain other people’s love and approval.

Remember humans are humans. They always talk, perceive and seek drama to fill a void. They do this with everybody, it’s nothing to do with you. So free yourself soul babe!

Seeking Love that is based on lies and an egoic perception of you in order to win over other people is a stab in the back of your inner child. Your safety comes first and this includes how you’re choosing to perceive yourself through others. Others are a mirror for how you see yourself. What are the boundaries of your mental kingdom? Can you see the full picture of where you’re radiating from?

Survival Mode Neutralizer Mindset:

-presence with all senses

-assume the moment is going according to plan

-what can I do right now to help my inner being feel safe?

-let go of experiences (in your mind) that make you feel unsafe

-remove the people you have on a pedestal whom you’re assuming will judge you if they were to find out the truth about where you are and what you’re doing/have done

-creating habit of imagining the solution more than the problem

-stop judging yourself and start nurturing, nudging your being towards your desired outside

-being aware of your fault & struggles and still choosing to love, empower and uplift yourself

-they are not paying your bills why should you care? They are not adding any value to yourself, so why bother spending your energy worrying about protecting your ego against these people

-being fearless & knowing even if the worst was to happen you know how to overcome & start all over again even more powerful

-living in the present instead of the mind

-recognize the fear that you’re experiencing as a protective mechanism, give thanks!

Are you in Survival Mode right now and you continuously find yourself surviving instead of living?

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This is especially for you if you are and have a history/habit of constantly feeling:

– powerlessness,




-heaviness in heart,




-unworthiness, and


What will you learn?

connecting with your soul’s truth

how to transcend fear (understanding the different types of fear and how to navigate them)

more loving habits instead of escaping and or numbing tendencies

awareness around story narration script

awareness around autopilot script

awareness around projection

awareness around ego (others) and true self (inside self)

Focus Awareness (Consciousness)

Clarity on Heart’s Song

Anticipation Navigator (What are you expecting?)

What will you walk away with?

freedom (free up energy from past identity)


Harness trust in life

identifying needs and training self to only be available for that, and becoming unavailable energetically for anything else

identity switch (from nothing to having)

activate creator mode (I am in control vs. I am a victim)

clarify what’s within your control and what isn’t (free up your energy)

clarify and embody self concept

find your safe zone (create energetic boundaries to keep your mind, spirit and body safe)

learn different grounding practices to help you transcend present suffering

A cycle of 7 Days of introspection that will help you tighten your energy expenditure and help open you up to more safe experiences. Repeat as needed

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See you on the other side!