Mental Alchemy Academy Coursework

Online Masterclasses & Energetic Containers

How long have you been in your deep dark hole?

what if you could roar back to all that is in the shadows and alchemize consistently in the present moment what is coming up to something beautiful and meaningful for your future self?

Alchemize what is… to what is to become

Journal Back To The Soul

In just 11 days, with just 11 prompts for each passing day bring more awareness to how you’re being and showing up energetically. Expect to receive some soulutions from your higher being. -You will learn to trust yourself more as you receive your soul’s advice. – You will learn to be more receptive of your soulutions and soul problem blueprint – Expect to relate differently to your current reality and the truth of your existence +Videos Transmission to guide you


1-on-1 session

-2x 1h15 zoom sessions -Receive an intuitive guidance on your current relationship with your reality. -Receive personalized tools on how to alchemize your current dense reality to lighter reality with ease. ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED A SOUL AWAKENING/AWARENESS SESSION


Masterclass: Facing Your Inner Demons

Learn how to -handle intrusive thoughts -detach from the past with a healthy twist -Find stillness within, trust the process of overcoming more -Pinpoint your inner oasis FREE FOR REGISTERED MENTAL ALCHEMISTS


Sri Venus

Mental Alchemist

I got into alchemy when my own demons cornered me into a puddle of feeling sorry for myself. I was constantly reliving and recycling thoughts that disempowered me consistently and made me question ending my own life a couple of times. The more I tried, everything seemed to go the opposite way. This whole journey within which lasted 5 years was a gift to wake up to become more in tune with my own soul’s instructions and over all in tune with the flow of life.

It wasn’t until I surrendered in an act of “giving up”, I didn’t care anymore, that I woke up to the truth of my identity, IAM.

I swore to myself that I would do whatever I can within my capability to help women…and men awaken to their soul’s truths and feel awakened & empowered in their current reality by playing around with what is coming up. I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I did for as long as I had…and here I am. To be of service to you.

The world is working overtime to make you feel less than…don’t let that place be in your mind too. Through the Mental Alchemy Academy you will learn to create energetic boundaries for yourself…so you can come home to your inner sanctuary consistently. Your shadows are also on your team. How?

Meet me in the right portal for you.

Currently running:


Masterclass: From Survival 2 Thriving

Learn how to shift your being continuously in the now from a state of survival (constantly looking for things outside yourself to feel secure) to a state where you’re thriving regardless of what is outside of yourself FREE FOR REGISTERED MENTAL ALCHEMISTS


The 7th Heaven (Dec 1-31 2022)

Quantum Leap From Rock Bottom to On Top Of The World in just 3 weeks! Learn how to fall in love with all your shadow states and alchemize them to your desired reality. Incorporate fun, luscious daily practices that will shake off the darkness and invite in more space for light, fulfilling and joyful experiences


Eldorado: Come Home 2 Yourself (Launching Feb 1 2023)

3months, 3 weeks & 3 days of deep intensive alchemy. -9 Live/Recorded Zoom Sessions -Alchemy Shadow Workbook -Breathwork -Email Support Come Home 2 Your Soul: Now that you have awakened 2 your Soul, it is time 2 Shed off what is not aligned with your soul and create intentional habits that align with your light body