Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

“Why is everything going so wrong for me…nomatter what I do? “

I invite you 2 Eldorado
A place your heart knows too well
A place it yearns 2 be
But knows that it needs 2 alchemize it’s current reality 2 get there
So it nudges you
Tugs at your heartstrings
saying, “heyyy sis! heyy bro let go of the old…there’s more & better waiting for you…look here!”
Are you listening or you’re too busy trying to control the unfolding…trying to figure out how it’ll work out…complaining, fearing. Expecting the complete worst.

Your entire being is stuck in survival, in the shadows, in the darkness…you’ve lost time on how long you’ve been down and under…but it feels like a lifetime…

The truth is…outside of the things we can’t control…the inevitable cycle of life, there is beauty in what is…hold on a little longer and see what I mean…

Life is conspiring for you, if you choose to believe so. If not, you continue to create what you’re resisting.

Allow it to be…feel the resistance and find home in detachment. Your mind might race to tell you 101 reasons why you need to take control and what others will think of you…but hold your being in place…and be there unconditionally, without judgement, with your inner child.

Acknowledge where you are as a room you’re just passing through, it doesn’t have to be the final destination. As Steve Harvey once said, if you’re going through hell…you don’t need to stop there, keep going until you find your heaven

The hardships mold you for the journey ahead. Do you want to be a weakling or an evolved light…forging the way for other lights to be truly fledged in their own truths too? There’s no need to wear a mask anymore…you’re still cute, hot, enough and successful no matter what might be insinuated by your current reality

Stay curious
detached from anything before or after now
assume everything is playing out for you

notice any thoughts coming in that are fighting and triggering you…alchemize them into light by revising them into something beautiful…e.g

evil whisper: “you’re so ugly…you’re so fat…such a failure”

alchemized whisper: “hmm, that’s so not true, I have my own unique body…I might feel down and defeated in this moment but I always come back on the top”

signed, your higher self

The present moment is truly the gift because you get to see the vastness of your own being. You can hear your own voice, feel your own touch…become one with whatever is to dive deeper into your existence.
You are here to share your love

To be loved for just being

To love others for just being too

To believe in yourself because you’re your best investment
You know your gifts are the gift 2 the world
To be grounded
To be at peace
To watch your thoughts with curiosity and less of identity

To allow all things through and around you 2 flow
To swim through your own depths
2 trust yourself more
2 face the parts of you that are pushing away your desires
Your fears, that whisper you 2 your knees
in an attempt to make you crumble, 2 not feel worthy, 2 doubt, 2 reject, 2 runaway from your heart

Running away from your demons, shadows, lower selves is only going 2 make this a lot more harder. Face it! Numbing is only digging the hole deeper. Either you face it now while the mountain is small or face it later when the mountain has grown thrice as big. You choose.

Part of facing yourself is seeing your own B.S too. How are you showing up in your relationships right now? How often do you entertain mental arguments? What thoughts are you choosing to believe about yourself? In what ways are you not loving and appreciating yourself?

Your unhealed ego is misguiding you

Your bruised ego does want you feeling better than everyone else…to alienate yourself from others to impose your own insecurities on others…to take everything everyone says and does personally…

You can still be unique and still celebrate other people’s uniqueness.

At the centre of all beings is beauty, love, connectedness, desire 2 be fulfilled, loved, appreciated, accepted for who we really are unconditionally…

Remember 2 give what you are seeking outside of yourself to yourself first so you know and understand how to give it 2 others.

Need help?

Private message me with subject “Eldoradohere if you need help. I’ve been where you currently are before…let me help you retrace your path back home 2 yourself. I’ll remind you and be your guide in your tunnel within. Let me know what’s up. I might have something for you.

=In despair, hollow,numb
=don’t know what 2 do…you feel everything yet nothing at the same time?
=hit rock bottom
=anger from your past life
=attracting emotional unavailable friendships
=detached from life, disconnected from body
=monkey mind, loud voices in your head
=bullied by your life, your psyche
=closed heart/heart too open
=feeling rejected, unsupported, unloved
=constant negative inner chatter
=feeling trapped
=existential crisis
=you want your life back!

Been there, I can help you!

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