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You don’t love yourself because you do this

How many times do you abandon yourself during the day?

The fantasy that you like to escape to when you get some time alone, when the feelings of inferiority, shame, lack, guilt, not enough trickle in…

Do you try to fill in the void with something outside of you?

Abandoning yourself is a habit you learnt but it can be unlearned by choosing to be present with being over mind flairs!

By prioritizing and loving you…being with you when you feel uncomfortable emotions…when the lower you’s visit…be here for your inner child.

You are her hero, so be available emotionally.

She is lonely 🥺

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What are you buying?

How many dense thoughts did you adopt today?

How many times did you take a dig on yourself?

How many times did you doubt yourself?

Where have you been running off to in your mind?

What story are you narrating right now?

How many times have you gone back?

Who are you still holding onto?

What are you still holding onto?

Things are always moving for you, you just suck a little at navigating the steering wheel because you like to make yourself believe you are separate so you strive for things instead of allowing them to experience ELDORADO moment to moment.

There will always be stories projected into your mind but you will never know the one that will unfold. That’s the beauty of it. It’ll always be different from what you could have perceived it to be. It’ll be more perfect if you allow it to be.

Place down your mask for a little while you address the issues that are going on in your heart.

Do you feel what’s going on?

What is it?

Loneliness? Guilt? Shame? Fear? Disconnection? Lack? Unworthiness? ???

Where are you holding yourself in a box where you are too afraid to be seen?

Leadership means you have to face your fear of humiliation. You are the truth, so let the truth be.

Message me SOUL BABE for your complimentary Soul Awareness Session. This is for you if you’re feeling disconnected from your truth, your life purpose and what you want.

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Let go of the drag!

You are dragging dead energy with you in this very present by choosing to suffer by your choice of thoughts, assumptions and beliefs.

Their heaviness is letting you know that this is not the way yet you keep on keeping on.

What are you choosing to hold on to?

Whatever it is, face it, come to terms with it and let it go. Walking around with unneeded information will steal the gift of this moment from you.

Your life, your breath, your heartbeat is the miracle…tap into that.

Things are going exactly according to plan!

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See you on the other side!

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Your suffering is your gold

For how long have you been waiting for someone to come help you out of your mess? How long have you been chasing opportunities, money and dating in the hopes of feeling better about ourselves? What stories have you been creating and recreating over and over again in each passing moment? You will find a lot of questions on this space because this is the only way answers can come through. By diving deeper and deeper with each question you bring awareness to your being and your existence becomes more intentional…more in alignment with what is.

The friction that you are feeling is caused by not accepting where you are and feeling the need to escape here, now (you know specifically how you run away from yourself). It is in not allowing to receive, to receive love, to receive appreciation, to receive support, to receive money, to receive comfort. Your mental health is not a priority because you don’t believe in love…you don’t believe in yourself, you feel detached from life and you’re walking around with a dark cloud above your head. Why are you refusing the person you were born to be? Why are you resisting what is being shown to you in the mirror?

You’re replaying those old tapes from school, and individuals that were intimidated by your love. Fortunately enough, you’ve awakened to the truth…they were just imposing their own fears, limitations onto you. It was nothing personal. When you hold on to it, you drag yourself down, you feel like you’re putting in more work to just survive…this is because you’re not light…your baggage is weighing you down. Face it and snip it quick!!! Your dream come true is waiting for you on the other side.

If you’re feeling too constricted, your inner child is tugging your soul because it wants to come out to play!

If you’re feeling:

>disconnected from yourself & life,

>experiencing extreme distress,

>confused & restless

>feeling trapped

>like you’re experiencing an ego death



>overly anxious


>dark night of the soul> monkey chatter > monkey mind> voices in your head > no support in your life> you have no purpose> addicted to escaping > pessimism > critical inner voice> exhaustion, experiencing psychosis…

It’s time to milk that sh*t! Join me on this journey, Soul Babe

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See you on the other side!


Answering the call

Life is going to call you one day, to start your journey on the road of the unknown. Where you have 0 experience and knowledge in. Will you answer when the call comes in? Are you brave enough to trust life wants to give you the dream of your life? Are you a believer? Are you willing to do what it takes?

What would it take for you to sacrifice the life you are currently experiencing in your head for a life of pure utter bliss, where you know life keeps getting better and better because you’ve surrendered to life, and you’re choosing to act in faith because the reward is far greater than when playing within the secure confines?

Will the call allow you to expand and flourish in your own light or will it scare you into a little corner to conform to the set ways of society? Is it worth it?

What if you’re meant to be set on a path that will bring you lifelong, fulfilling friendships, life mission and impactful work? Maybe meet the right person for you, who highlights and unconditionally loves all the sides of you that you’ve been taught to hate. How would you know if you didn’t give life a chance to prove its love for you? How would you know if you keep trying to control everything when you don’t know anything? YES! No, you don’t. You only know what you see in front of you from your perspective and that is only a piece of a bigger pie in the unseen so YES, NO! you don’t know anything!

There’s beauty in not knowing, it frees up your plate from the mind chatter, it’s like leaving everything to your butler to handle all the details of HOW, WHERE & WHEN while you enjoy life, BUT you still have to answer the call and act in faith. Show up! And know all will be taken care of. Your only job is to not lose faith no matter what’s presented before you.

Again, All it takes is the act of faith and surrender.

The universe is calling, and it won’t keep calling forever.

Are you going to answer this time?


living from the heart-what it takes

what does it take to live fully from the heart?

it means facing your fears with no pretense
whatever life throws your way, you know that you always overcome either way
so your job is to just show up in your Godself avatar i.e embody your higherself (the all knowing version of you which is connected to the unseen magic)

look at fears, negative and low vibrational thoughts as a parasite that wants you to stay limited, unfulfilled, fearful, miserable, traumatized, sad, depressed, empty, and codependent on whoever you are currently holding onto for dear life instead of finding your own sovereignty and inner security.

keep learning, know that learning is a lifelong journey
share whatever comes from the heart, no matter how scary
pure heart, pure intentions can revolutionize the whole world…it all starts with just one intention based on love

always try to see yourself through other peoples’ lenses,
we are all different for a reason, that’s why different experiences and voices matter
there’s truth in every voice that speaks from the heart
so practice empathy, genuinely
listen to good music
learn from other cultures
eat soulful food
start finding joy in all the simple tasks you take everyday
don’t wait for the future to start living
live now, right this moment

it is inevitable, you are going to die one day
how do you want to feel on your deathbed?
inner peace? or rage that you should have lived more?
and the awakening fact is we don’t know when our last second will come

as someone once said, every year our birth day and death day passes, we just don’t know when the latter is, so LIVE! Because this could be the last round.

Need clarity in your life?


Decide the life you want and reject everything that doesn’t align

Easier said than done right?

We all know what our heart truly desires, and it keeps us up at night too! I know my goals do. Like,” OMG, I’m nowhere near where I want to be…what have I done with my life…I am wasting my youth…time.” A teacher taught me to name my thoughts Bob, and it kinda stuck. I chose to name mine Bobbiana/Scooby Doo/Shenay nay. But ofcourse sometimes I find myself totally encapsulated by my thoughts I forget that it’s not me.

I feel anxious, afraid and all I want to do is scream because of how overwhelming it feels. Taking up breathework has helped a lot. Wim Hoff and Breathe of Fire are my go to’s at the moment. It helps me use my breath to soothe myself. It’s crazy how powerful just breathing through the nose very sloooooooooooowww is.

Staying present and living inside of your body instead of your head is a good daily exercise. Everytime you catch yourself worrying or thinking about something that you know you can’t control…take a moment to just breath in and out slooooowly and scan your body from toes to your ears…especially your neck and shoulders (that’s where I tense up when I am stressed). Check your posture too! (Bad posture over time will cost ya!) Sometimes you won’t even know that you are in stress mode until you scan your body and realize that you are tense/stiff in some areas. Roll your shoulders back, up, down and front in a circle to hit all those angles.

Dance if you will.

Listen to your favorite music too!


and trust that all this little adventure is just leading you down the right path, there’s just a little more details and lessons along the way that will probably help you where you need to be.

So don’t worry.

It’s already yours!