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This is what self acceptance looks like

If every frame of your internal living life was blasted out for everybody to see…would you still choose you?

Even if everybody knew all of your insides…and you face criticism, rejection, separation from the people you want validation from so bad. You forget that if you’re not in a love union with this present version of yourself you will always feel incomplete, empty, always looking for something outside of who you’re being right now.

Hold you…allow whatever to flow through without resisting it…that’s love, that’s hue man because you allow all the ranges of being to be felt, experienced and accepted with no judgement.

When you keep coming back over and over again nomatter how uncomfortable it is, you keep choosing you. You keep loving hard those versions of you you’re embarrassed of, your ashamed of…the ones that bully you into believing you’re not worthy of X,Y,Z…the ones that instigate self abandonment, self doubt, fear and limitations.

You are the one who has to let go of the reigns so you can be resurrected to light. You activate your light body by first of all not taking direction and final answers from your mind. It’s a steering wheel that needs to be respected.

Your (emotional) body communicates to you the vibration of the momentum you’re building up right now energetically

Your task at hand in the moment is simple always.

To allow your being to guide you towards your spark. This is when your soul is controlling your body. You can trust whatever comes out of that because those are direct soul codes. Your creations are Picasso’s too, who said your art can’t immortalize you three years after you’re dead too?

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet for the Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge, the party bus is waiting for ya! We gonna ride towards inner security together as sisters. Come let’s eat!

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This is for you!

Hey, it’s time to be kinder to your soul

You are you for a reason

You are where you are for a purpose

This is bigger than you

It is now time to speak life into yourself

To wake yourself up!

Right now you get to empower yourself religiously in each passing moment, dancing with both your light and dense thoughts with detachment

To be an observer in this matrix of monkeying thoughts

You might be in the lowest room of your life right now but don’t be in such a rush to get out.
There is information for you in here so take it in, because you won’t be here forever.

There is a version of you that can’t wait to meet you.

Hug this version of yourself…and the ones before because the lighter versions of you wouldn’t be birthed without them. They just led you to this realization you’re having now.

You wouldn’t have the clarity to do any different without anything to contrast it on.

It’s all information to evolve

We are always evolving anyway, so there’s always going to be room to improve

It’s your relationship with your weaknesses, darkness and uniqueness that matters the most, that is the key to activating your Light Body.

Your perspective in this room and the next is your super power, always meandering in-between thought.

Keep aiming for lighter thoughts

Keep compounding them and with time and consistency you will expand into the lighter room

But if you keep holding onto the dense versions of you throughout this PURIFYING PROCESS you will slow down your ascension journey…or maybe your soul will turn to smoke

Just ALLOW this journey to be effortless…TRUST your spirit to guide you…LISTEN to your heart.

Tap within your soul, it has all the answers.

If you’re not sure which program is for you and or if your current financial situation is not in alignment, let’s chat on a complimentary 30 min Soul Awareness Session.

Message me “Soul Awareness” by clicking the button below

See you on the other side Soul Babe!

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Be present to notice the moment you start creating unwanted thoughts

Capture that moment

Don’t judge it

Just observe

Without the need to attach

Or to give it any meaning

As it floats away and disappears so does your need to hold onto it

You are worthy of a good life yet you don’t believe you do. Why?

It does keep getting better and better and better and better only if you allow it to.

It’s called The 7th Heaven for a reason! There are action steps to get there…each level prepares you for the next and the one after. Imagine getting a whambam of goodness all at once, your heart couldn’t contain it. You’d pass out! Drop bye bye maybe.

Gradually allowing change to happen fosters trust with your inner being. For 21 Days I’ll walk you through the process of quantum leaping from your current dark, dense state to lighter states…and consistently finding security in the light states. By the end of the process you’ll be already embodied in your higher self, it’ll become easier and easier with each compounding effort to improve your current state.

There’s never anything wrong with where you are until your perspective keeps you a prisoner.

Starting Dec 1st, I’ll walk you through your current story with ease to the doors of your 7th heaven, your state of complete relief that will allow you to expand more often to lighter states. Once you open this door to your bliss state, your old versions will continuously want to steal this state from you. How do you prepare yourself for that?

If you’ve felt like you’ve been in this deep dark slump for way too long and you continuously relive states that disempower you and degrade you to misery, unfulfillment, disconnection, victimhood, loneliness…, this is your opportunity to change that to consistent empowering states of joy, wonder, forgiveness, peace, security, relief and faith. Your god(dess) state is waiting to be awakened and embodied in The 7th Heaven.

Scholarships available, integrity based* please let me know in application. Replay option available for souls entering after the official opening of The 7th Heaven portal.

See you on the other side!