Starting All Over in Life

Why are we so afraid of failing?

Yes, your current reality is reflecting back your shadow states…so what?

Why are we intimidated by what we don’t know? What we don’t want?

Why are you separating yourself from what is? Why are you fighting it? Accept it! Surrender to it…flow through to the desired vision. Yes, accept and surrender to all what’s showing up. I’ll keep reminding you until you learn to relax in your current state of being. Relaxxxx!

Why are you running away from yourself?

Why are you afraid of starting all over again when you realize that you have been playing too small?

Life gets long and miserable when you are not aligned with your heart, when you’re not clear on what you really want to experience.

Distractions are always gonna be there.

Doubters are always gonna be waiting for you on the next corner.

This is your dream, you steer it towards where your heart is calling for.

If you’re confused and overwhelmed by your reality, it’s time to real in and focus on your breathe.

Drop in your body. Move. Surrender control.

Focus on what is going well…nomatter how small it is.

Everyone will have an opinion on what you choose to do, let them!

Let their limitations and reasons why you will fail, why you’re on the wrong path be your stepping stone to your inevitable success. Use it as a boost. You’re an alchemist. Stop letting people energetically bully and toss you around. This is your life, this is your creation. So create with love consistently, mean well…do well.


Find your fulfillment right now even if it means starting from scratch. This life didn’t come with a rule book on how to thrive. Everyone has created their own rule book, why not create your own? We are constantly beating ourselves down when we don’t align with their rules. There is a reason why people keep buying books and courses that they never apply onto themselves. This is because they are constantly chasing to become someone for someone else instead of just allowing themselves to thrive being themselves. The true you. Open the rule book buried deep within your soul.

Start all over again…over and over again until you get it right. When you have this mindset, nothing can really be taken from you because you’re not attached to anything outside of yourself. You are attached to the feeling of alignment, connection, fulfillment and belonging. That’s when you know you’ve finally come home to yourself. When the inner sparks the outer.

Your soul knows the way, let it lead the way. Ignore the noise.

Do not worry about others, worry about the voices you believe in your head…this is your dream, not theirs. It’s ok if they don’t see what you see, your vision for the future is yours to keep, to maintain and to embody.

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Being mindset self talk shifting the past

healing from abusive trauma, repetitive cycles

why are you beating and talking yourself down like they did to you? You believe them?

You really see yourself through the lens of hate and inadequacy?

Why would you put another’s opinions about your life on a pedestal? Why would you give a flying care what they think of you?

You’re the one who’s opinions you should care about. This gifts you freedom and the not needing anyone’s validation. You stand alone in that you are secure from within. Everything else is simply details. You can co-create, you can dance with other souls along the way…you will lead and then they will lead…a flow of give and take.

How can you know your emotional boundaries? What is bothering you?

Be honest with what is coming up.

You don’t need to share everything. You don’t need to be friends or besties to get along. You don’t need to hang with everybody cool and coming up. Ground yourself in having nothing as well as having it all. Because everything outside of you can be taken from you but what’s within can never be scrapped. This is why it is very important to keep leaning towards your inner peace, your sanctuary. Nothing outside of you is ever gonna gift you the relief you are looking for. If you notice you’re recycling habits that are not serving you anymore, your will to change will unlock your new life. You just need to be ALL IN! You are the key to this whole chaos in your life. Once you turn the key, all that chaos will alchemize to creative solutions. Allow for them to come into your life. Prepare, be open.

Find out who you really are, here.

“Life is truly kind to me, I am so grateful!”

anytime you experience a negative, fearful thought…remind yourself each moment. These intimate moments will add up to allow your soul to start being safe in your body and unlocking your blueprint holding all your creative flair!

Journaling helped me put on paper what I was battling with in my mind. It gifted me relief! It allowed to be slow down so I could see clearly without judgement how and why I was showing up the way I was. The secret to completely healing and letting go of the past is to not judge yourself and to extend compassion to yourself. You don’t forgive to make the other person feel better, we do it to allow us the choice to move on…to not let this steal our peace anymore. You are the magic, so start writing away.

Sign up for the Journal Back 2 Yourself 11 Day Challenge. Only for babes who are ready to meet themselves, if not, I am sorry you’re missing out on some magic. When you don’t know yourself, you are asset less. Know who you are. Play the long game always. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you become more intentional with how you “attack” in life. You leverage your connections’ strengths to make up for your lack, and extend the grace to others.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Apply for the 11 Day Challenge to Journal Back to your Soul by clicking the Button Below!

See you on the other side!

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Dancing in-between 2 worlds

Quantum leaping ain’t for the faint at heart. You need a courageous soul to pull this off! The moments when doubts, fear and uncertainty while in the midst of the unknown…how you’ll react will define who you are becoming, a coward or a warrior? Inevitable success or failure because things are not going your way?

Moving from your past to a newer and better future you thought was very far from you is going to feel like a constant tug of war between what you don’t want and what you really want to call into your life.

Create energetic boundaries that allow you to not lose energy on things that could be avoided. E.g mental arguments, creating the worst outcome in your head, doubting soul, denying yourself love…etc

What will you accept and not from life. You do have a say in this…believe it or not

Share your brilliance with the first wave of alchemists and transurfers in here…!

Sign up here for Journal Back 2 Your Soul Challenge

Don’t forget to share your soul’s secrets, right here xo

Sri Venus

To empower to awaken to uplift

Being mindset

You are always compounding

Each day in all parts of your life, where you are (energetically) you are compounding in thoughts, habits and beliefs

You are constantly adding coins to each identity…buying experiences each time you agree to a storyline, belief system and you let your habits define you.

What if you started small, diligently, adding coins to experiences you want 2 experience…even though they seem so unattainable and impossible in your reality right now.

The truth is your mind’s eye is a holy space where you get 2 plant seeds of life. Each thought you assume gets planted…and everytime you keep assuming, you’re watering that thought into a shrub…tree and eventually forest.

Some belief structures are rainforests and will need you 2 go all in and create an energetic boundary with your thoughts. It might seem like you haven’t made much progress in 3D reality but trust me, you are removing excess noise that you would normally listen 2 and bringing clarity on what you do WANT OUT OF LIFE.

Your job is 2 constantly transcend the perceived limitations and say,

“I want it, so sky daddy will provide…this gets 2 be a fun adventure of seeing how sky daddy does magic 2 make this seemingly impossible thing work out for me”

Quantum leaps REQUIRE Quantum beliefs.
What thoughts/beliefs are blocking you from what you want?

Remember, sky daddy said whatever your heart sings it’s yours.


Just Be

Normalize just sitting with yourself

With no thought

With no need to go anywhere

With no planning going on in your head

Just being

Feeling your heart beat

Hearing the different layers of sound and how they sync together

To feel how your clothes feel against your body

How your breath sounds

To remind yourself you’ve already arrived

In the now

The mind plays lots of tricks

You just need to be smarter

After this meditative process, may the next steps that follow be intentional and aligned with where you want to go. It’s easy to get distracted again and fall back into chaos. Rise above & stay floating