This is how you regain your peace of mind

Trust in your capabilities
Believe in your ability to win
Play to win
Create success
Be success
You define the rules, limitations and how this ends
Where is your energy weighing towards?
🌸Disempowering or empowering yourself?
🌸Embodying your message or loosely saying things?
🌸Resisting your shadows or accepting & surrendering to what is?
🌸 optimistic or pessimistic?
🌸Excuses or solutions?
🌸 Complaining or making changes?
🌸Repeating unwanted cycles or doing the work diligently because you know you want & deserve better
🌸Taking everything personally or allowing people and things to unfold however the universe is flowing. To remove any need to react or expect anything out of it- for your own well-being.

Only you can formulate your own well-being in your mind. How look at yourself in the mirror, what you say and think when you see another beautiful woman who is embodied in her higher self, what you say to yourself when you indulge in your vices, shadow states, lower selves? When you don’t get the results you want? When you make a mistake?

It will all weigh towards something, so why not make it weigh in your favor!

Brick by brick


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