Life is a dance….so dance

It’s a dance between two worlds…what was, and what is to come.
Your doubts will cost you your heart’s desires
Questioning yourself if you really want this after being fully convicted a second ago is doubt. It’s fear.
Let your shadow self be your friend. When you easily get triggered and want to run everytime you get a prick…instead invite exhilaration for insights these uncomfortable experiences are showing you. Allow for the emotions to flow through, when you hold onto them you allow the darkness to linger.
Let the dark thoughts, pictures swirl around in your psyche like a pebble being swished in-between waves…does the ocean worry about one little pebble or it continues being an ocean expressing itself how it energetically feels called to.

Tap into your heart so you can energetically express the life that fulfills you, brings a smile on your face, the kind you can’t wait to wake up to. Yes, it’s possible for you too. Just don’t overthink it, feel it real…brick by brick consistently.


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