Why am I holding myself back?


Are you too worried about how other people will view you once you shift your identity?

Are you worried again what the path of the unknown and full in without any reference point will bring you your worst nightmare? You are already expecting and engaging with thoughts that are planning you to loose regardless. So you keep listening and believing these thoughts because that’s the truth, you’re not capable, you’re not a winner, you can’t earn that much-who you? ha! In your dreams!

The devil is not out there, he’s within you. The more you keep listening to that disempowering voice, the more you will live a life half lived. Your light half dimmed. Imagine noone ever knowing who you are and what only your soul can do and create? That sounds so low, wasted and out of alignment.

It’s the things that are the most cliche that hold the most truth…unless you decide to create your own truth. In this infinite universe, there can’t be honestly one way of living,of existing, of succeeding. Create your own path!! Forge through!

Welcome the tough journey, let it mold you. Be open to positive changes, the best outcome. Assume life is kind 2 you. Do you want to live all your life in fear or in love?

You always have a choice, choose what excites you, challenges you, expands you, turns you on to the heart version of you

Awaken, empower & uplift yourself goddess!

If you’re ready for some changes in your life and you’d LOVE an experience that uplifts, empowers and awakens your soul…choose your journey 👇🏾

Join the first wave of women who range from different skillsets and ranging expertize who use their soul formula to alchemize their reality. This is for women who are:

  • Ready to put everything on the line to make their dreams come true. They know changes have to be made, and it’s
  • All in! Now or never baby! You have no reason to wait and you know your happiness is a priority for this journey to be meaningful.
  • Seeking some relief from their inner turmoil and would like some inspiration on how to transcend their current reality…which seems too far from what their heart yearns.
  • Experiencing shame, guilt, depressing thoughts, anxiety, unfulfillment, tiredness, the past still lingering on, fear, confusion and chaos
  • Seeking a support system to guide them towards their life vision.

If you’re ready for some serious changes and you’re ready to get to work…click the button below to apply 👇🏾to join the Mental Alchemy Academy

Sign up for a 11 Day Journaling Back to the Soul Challenge starting 1 Oct 2022, 6AM PST!

Are you ready for a challenge that will open up the portal to your soul? Reclaim your throne, drive through life through within, not without!

This is for women who are feeling:

🥺icky, not like themselves

🥺 down, numb, a dark night of the soul experience… dark hole for a long time and need help to create and maintain momentum towards the light.

🥺 tired, sleepy, detached from life, uninspired, unhappy, miserable and need to feel in touch with themselves again

🥺overwhelmed, bullied by their monkey mind and need ritualistic strategies to help center within.

🥺they are meant for more but they don’t know what it is yet and need some clarity on what to do or the next steps to take

This experience will help you feel

🦋find peace as your normal state of being

🦋more expansive, light and in touch with your heart. Seen, acknowledged and not alone

🦋 trustworthiness, you accept yourself and life as it is more. You will find the source of your anxiety, insecurity and reason for detachment from life.

🦋resourceful, gain tools to tap within and get answers from your soul. No mid person. All you baby.

🦋powerful, never have anyone tell you who you are again. You are know who you are, you are in touch with your being. Your word, mind+ heart are aligned.

🦋more comfortable with the truth of where you are right now, your past and failures. You will feel like no story will ever define you unless you gladly willingly hold onto that story.

It’s time to awaken, empower and uplift yourself to your higher self. It’s now or never!

Stay connected to the Mental Alchemy Soul Babes Community and receive light transmissions to guide you back home…click button below 👇🏾

much love,

xo Sri Venus



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