When you keep losing stuff…this is why you should let them go

I lose stuff a lott too! Consistently losing stuff is a sign that you’re not being present, and you’re getting lost in your need to control…and figure it out in your mind. Trust that it’s all working out for you regardless.

I like to think that when I lose things I’ll get them right back…I’ll find it, with no doubt, and if I don’t get it back, I don’t need it anymore. It removes the lingering thought, denies self from criticism. Try your best to not indulge in mental arguments, storylines that bring you down…instead of empowering yourself…feeling empowered…awakened to the WHOLE TRUTH about yourself…and uplifted to their higher self, so they walk a path of dignity, pride, fulfillment, relief, joy and peace.

We are all chasing money in the hopes of that it’ll make our life happier. It might improve the quality of life, but happy is always now…nomatter what. Figure out what makes you smile a lot…think about it a lot…I mean everyday until people are asking why you are smiling into mid-air…jokes!

But you get the idea…make yourself feel mwah! Remove the shame…as long as it’s centered within.

You are enough. You have exactly what you need 2 make it happen. Show up nomatter what! This is your path, you’re the only one who you’ll have to blame if you didn’t live your life fulfilled. Really take some time to really get to know yourself. You can grab my book: Get To Know yourself in 21 Days here where you’ll be taken through a corridor of context, reflection, labored love to show yourself how much you want to know…do you expect your soul 2 just hand it over 2 you…after you’ve ignored your self for so long??

Doubting, limiting, constantly criticizing yourself…your evey move, how you talk, how you act, walk, dress…no wonder why you’re miserable.

Your soul can’t thrive in such conditions. Change what needs to be shifted into something better. You’re always compounding.

Easier said than done, right? Who said it has to be hard, who said it can’t be enjoyable, peaceful, joyful,  calm…?

Apply here to join The 7th Heaven Meeting Place on Facebook: a sacred journey back to our soul’s gifts.

Taking applications to the Mental Alchemy Academy (MAA) soon…Where great, curious & learning mental alchemists engage!!

See you on the other side!


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