Being mindset

You are always compounding

Each day in all parts of your life, where you are (energetically) you are compounding in thoughts, habits and beliefs

You are constantly adding coins to each identity…buying experiences each time you agree to a storyline, belief system and you let your habits define you.

What if you started small, diligently, adding coins to experiences you want 2 experience…even though they seem so unattainable and impossible in your reality right now.

The truth is your mind’s eye is a holy space where you get 2 plant seeds of life. Each thought you assume gets planted…and everytime you keep assuming, you’re watering that thought into a shrub…tree and eventually forest.

Some belief structures are rainforests and will need you 2 go all in and create an energetic boundary with your thoughts. It might seem like you haven’t made much progress in 3D reality but trust me, you are removing excess noise that you would normally listen 2 and bringing clarity on what you do WANT OUT OF LIFE.

Your job is 2 constantly transcend the perceived limitations and say,

“I want it, so sky daddy will provide…this gets 2 be a fun adventure of seeing how sky daddy does magic 2 make this seemingly impossible thing work out for me”

Quantum leaps REQUIRE Quantum beliefs.
What thoughts/beliefs are blocking you from what you want?

Remember, sky daddy said whatever your heart sings it’s yours.


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