Coming Back Home To Yourself Feels Like

🌸being instead of doing

🌸surrendering & fully trusting the unfolding of the now

🌸 coming to peace with your past

🌸 constant gratitude (not because you want to manifest something…it’s genuine and you ravel in it because it feels good)

🌸owning all the range of your emotions & being honest about them

🌸owning your creative power and surrendering to it

🌸living from the heart…detachment from the mind

🌸being gentle with yourself…you use kind words only to speak to yourself. Your spirit feels safe in your body

🌸knowing instead of hoping

🌸embodying ALL of your being…you are fully present within your body

🌸owning your toxic patterns/habits/thought patterns that are holding you back without beating yourself down

🌸 tranquility…silent joy

🌸not needing anything outside of yourself because you KNOW the now is always unfolding your heart’s desires as long as you keep it open


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