How will you make this worth the struggles your ancestors went through?

You are recycling the same thought patterns your ancestors had…you’re most likely in a much better position than they were…show some compassion for them, can you imagine being a woman in their time? Can you imagine the sacrifices they did so they could serve their community’s & families expectations?

But you were born in a different time, where you have the gift to explore yourself freely because women over generations have mustered the courage to live their own truth regardless of who’s Cat/Nosy Neighbor (People who live for tea 🍵 👀)…& family will think. Mothers who have silently spoken life into their daughters’s lives and pushed them hard to succeed in everything they did so they could have a fair chance.

The time to be courageous and face your fears is now or never. Your life is a gift, May your ancestors live through you and inspire you to reach new heights they only dreamed of


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