Serve Your Higher Self

Be here now in the present moment
Let go of your previous identities based on what your mind creates
Allow yourself in the present moment to just be
Honor ALL your desires
It’s none of your business HOW they’ll come to be
Give them to yourself! NOW

Embody the person who already has everything.

Love unconditionally the parts of you that feel unworthy of having your desires right now

Understand her, her perspective and heal her wounds with your unconditional, non-resistant and non-judgmental love

Match the vibration of already having what your heart is saying it wants
Let go
Don’t listen to the mind that’s only going to create more suffering than is necessary

Reason and logic only create walls, bumps and red tapes that limit your expansion and growth

Always remember your worth comes from within
Not from John or Luke or whatever his name is
Not your past
Or what your daddy and grandfather and other men in your life showed you how women should be treated

Create the standard for what the men you want in your life from here onwards should be…through your imagination.

That’s the only place you can conjure with love your heart’s desires

So play!


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