How to be happy?

We’ve all heard that happiness is a choice right? I think I’ve said it a couple times here but I’ll say it again for those at the back.

Choose to be. Right now.

Smile because you choose to.

It all stems from feeling grateful for life, and everything that is unfolding for you without you even noticing. It’s always in the details…the coffee you enjoyed this morning, your phone that connected you to people all over the place, the eyes that are allowing you to read this and or the ears that let you listen, the apps that were created specifically for your needs, your car or mode of transport that made the journey faster and easier…the other humans sharing this earth journey with you. Imagine being the only person for miles end but here you are one of many, so how could you ever be alone?

Happiness is in a sip of sweet tea, the quenching if thirst, the warm long hug you received, the smile you shared with someone, it’s in your favorite music, in the silence between your thoughts, the breeze that caresses your skin…happiness is everywhere, in every moment…but it’s always a choice.

To suffer or to choose to be happy regardless.
Besides, have you noticed that no matter what life throws at you, you’re never without?
So what’s stopping you?


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