We are always making agreements with life, so what agreements are you currently making right now?

What are your current beliefs?

Why do you carry those particular ones?

What will it take for you to adopt new ones?

Do these agreements with life allow you to expand and co-create with life and step up your life aligned with your highest capabilities or do they limit you and make you suffer?

You are always making agreements with every person you meet, with your own abilities, with the mental random notes you make with yourself, with the strangers you create stories about in your head…these agreements are what allows you to transcend or be totally engulfed by your limitations causing you more suffering.

How do you know if you’re making an agreement right now?

How are you perceiving life right now?

What are your most dominant thoughts?

What do you believe in?

What are your limitations?

What’s stopping you from getting to Z?

It’s all in the stories we conjure up in our heads.

As long as agreements are not made with the fearful, limiting & lacking whisper…you will be alright!

Just relax and watch the agreements that come up. You always have the last say. The beauty of veto power.

Go live!


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