look at work & tasks like play

look at work and tasks like play
get out of your head
be present
listen to your surroundings
hear the difference in quality and expression in noise/texture of each thing you touch
how heavy is it?
what does it feel like?
how do the tips of your fingers feel like against the keypad?
watch your thoughts, don’t engage
focus on the best (quality) thoughts
focus on wellness
drink more water
drink tea
reduce sugar
live in your body and less in your head
your innate nature is abundant, so you’re never lacking
it is impossible to be without
change how you look at things to overcome your current blockages
live in gratitude
somewhere, scattered in the world, there’s a group of people praying for what you have right now
try to find a different perspective every time you feel stuck, or you feel constricted
the right path (decision) always expands you
live from the heart
feel (to connect with the heart of your existence)
listen to music that uplifts you
think lovely thoughts
speak your goals into existence
don’t worry about the how
it will come in due time
your job is to constantly show up despite circumstances
faith in action
humility allows for connection and wisdom to flow freely
love yourself unconditionally
fall in love with your uniqueness, that’s your superpower!
ego cuts you off from seeing the truth
you always have what you need
the end is the same regardless
so, do you want to suffer or enjoy the journey?
the choice is always in the now,
to give away your joy or to surrender to it in every moment that unravels.

let’s connect!


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