Bring acceptance to where you are, even if it’s nowhere close to where you want to be
just be happy that you are here, alive, safe and well
your loved ones are well too!
that you are blessed enough to have eyes to read and or ears to listen
stop fighting what is presented to you
let life unfold the way it wants to
see it as one big adventure
knowing that one day it will come to an end, so now is your gift, leap towards it unapologetically!
show yourself some grace by being nonchalant with the perception of your life right now
things are always changing so assume the universe is just rearranging things and setting aside place holders in the meantime
meanwhile, your job is to be completely committed to what you want
as long as you have clarity on what you want and continue to assume you already have it even when your senses don’t see it
accept the not knowing
accept the infinite outcomes and possible plot twists
keep thriving in your joy, detachment from outcome and find your bliss in the now regardless
accept who you are today, because tomorrow a new and better version awaits
with love,


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