The Present Moment

To be fully present you have to sacrifice the past and the future and fully trust in the unfolding of it all….

Memories, fears, stories that triggered you earlier in the day, the past…that one story that haunts you all the time, all these bring mental images that pull our awareness away from the present moment

It is quite simple yet an untamed mind could run you mad. You are the operant power. You are the boss in this MF. Don’t let Bobbiana bully you and steal your day from you. Cuss her out once in a while…and tell that bish to get out!!!

Just finding happiness in being fully aware of you being in the now…how the wind feels against your skin…the ladies laughing in the background meshing together with the dog barking…along with the passing cars. Maybe a couple kids will pass by infront of you and catch your curiosity before you will feel an itch fully manifest on your lower left back.

Underneath all that noise you will probably hear your own breath because you’re that present….

Bobby, definitely in the beginning of retraining yourself to stay fully present, will try once in a while to fight you on this one…but that’s ok. Keep reeling your awareness back to your body and breath. If you have been used to staying in your head a lot, you might need to be more vigilant with training your awareness to stay put and allow the negative thoughts to just pass through without any (emotional) attachment.

Depending on how much healing work you’ve done to let go of your trauma, you might be tempted to escape your reality. If you do choose to escape, atleast be honest with yourself with why you are escaping…and know that even if you do escape now…you will have to overcome this mountain regardless…and it’ll be waiting for you once you come back.

The easiest way to overcome these negative energies is to sit with it…face it with unconditional love. It will be uncomfortable at first but if you watch it a bit longer without fighting it…it’ll subside. Don’t let fear dictate your life.

Always ask yourself…your inner child to be specific, “what do you need darling?”…and listen.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Treat yourself to something sweet and really enjoy the smell and taste in your mouth.

Take a hot shower or soak in a tub and listen to some calming music…with some essential oils diffusing. Listen to how water sounds when it touches down. Feel how your hands feel like against your skin. Worship your body…by being fully present and massaging it with love.

Or maybe watch your favorite funny show while in your pajamas…completely unplug from the world and dial in.

You got this one!


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