Taking Wisdom From Trees

Have you noticed how trees look like they are dancing?

They each have a different unique style with their tree branches stretching in different angles. Most trees have been around less than a hundred years, they are mostly older than the oldest living human being…so I believe we can learn a lot from them since they have been inhabiting earth longer than you and I combined.

You can tell that they had to acclimatize to different conditions, be it changing wind direction, humans moving in to build a town as well as changing weather patterns. Each tree had a different way of adjusting to its environment (as you can tell from their own unique characteristics) …but no matter what it never stopped being a tree.

It never stopped being what it was created for.

Just like them, we shouldn’t stop being what our heart desires no matter what your circumstances are saying. Our heart is like our soul’s GPS, it tells us where to go energetically. I know it’s challenging ignoring what is being presented before you but don’t let the outside bully you into victim hood. You are the creator of your reality and until you fully surrender to all your heart’s desires and trust that they will appear before you when it’s time, you will always feel lost, defeated and stressed out.

Yes, we are human and we are built to also feel negative emotions…but do not let them stay and dictate your life, let them pass through.

Cry if you must, release them…just don’t stop living from your heart.

Surrender to your heart…that’s who you really are. You already are that which you wish to be and your lack of belief is the only reason why it hasn’t shown up.

Again, don’t listen to Bobbiana (the negative limiting thoughts).

Feel good and prioritize activities that elevate your state of being.

All is well!



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