Decide the life you want and reject everything that doesn’t align

Easier said than done right?

We all know what our heart truly desires, and it keeps us up at night too! I know my goals do. Like,” OMG, I’m nowhere near where I want to be…what have I done with my life…I am wasting my youth…time.” A teacher taught me to name my thoughts Bob, and it kinda stuck. I chose to name mine Bobbiana/Scooby Doo/Shenay nay. But ofcourse sometimes I find myself totally encapsulated by my thoughts I forget that it’s not me.

I feel anxious, afraid and all I want to do is scream because of how overwhelming it feels. Taking up breathework has helped a lot. Wim Hoff and Breathe of Fire are my go to’s at the moment. It helps me use my breath to soothe myself. It’s crazy how powerful just breathing through the nose very sloooooooooooowww is.

Staying present and living inside of your body instead of your head is a good daily exercise. Everytime you catch yourself worrying or thinking about something that you know you can’t control…take a moment to just breath in and out slooooowly and scan your body from toes to your ears…especially your neck and shoulders (that’s where I tense up when I am stressed). Check your posture too! (Bad posture over time will cost ya!) Sometimes you won’t even know that you are in stress mode until you scan your body and realize that you are tense/stiff in some areas. Roll your shoulders back, up, down and front in a circle to hit all those angles.

Dance if you will.

Listen to your favorite music too!


and trust that all this little adventure is just leading you down the right path, there’s just a little more details and lessons along the way that will probably help you where you need to be.

So don’t worry.

It’s already yours!




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